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"Anyone can benefit from psychotherapy. No problem is too big or too little to discuss. Let's talk."

– Chamin Ajjan

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We offer support to our community through individual, couple and group psychotherapy services, accessible workshops and relevant blog posts tailored to fit your lifestyle, needs and goals.



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Book Cover - Seeking Soulmate by Chamin Ajjan

Ditch the Dating Game, Find Real Connection

Transform dating and the often-fraught search for a fulfilling relationship into a fun, exciting adventure using mindfulness techniques and practices.

Every stage of the dating process, from finding someone to date, to developing a relationship, has its own particular difficulties. Seeking Soulmate will help you develop the most important benefit of mindful dating: the ability to let your genuine, most attractive self emerge. This is how real relationships with the actual staying power are formed.

About Us

Chamin Ajjan Psychotherapy is a boutique outpatient group psychotherapy practice dedicated to providing personalized, quality care and services to our clients.

As a psychotherapist, author, educator and supervisor, Chamin has seen how important comfort and connection are to the therapeutic process. Feeling judged, misunderstood, marginalized and minimized are themes that, if present, will impede progress. Bringing this awareness into each session, along with 20+ years of experience and extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Sex Therapy, informs the way our clinicians approach therapy and the privilege of supporting you. Trained by Chamin, each psychotherapist has been carefully vetted and chosen because of their top tier education, exceptional clinical skills, warmth and commitment to social justice.

Mind-Body Treatments

The mind and the body are one.  We often rely on what the mind is telling us and ignore the wisdom our body is sharing with us.  When we are aware of the mind-body connection we are more equipped to handle life’s challenges. Evidence-based mind-body treatments along with problem solving/skills building therapeutic approaches are used in our work with individuals, couples and groups.

We integrate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with Mindfulness Practices and create a treatment plan collaboratively with you to achieve your goals. At times we may pull from other treatment models to tailor care and interventions to your individual needs.

Thoughtful and sensitive care is offered to those dealing with issues related to:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors
  • Trauma
  • Social Anxiety
  • Sexual Issues
  • Self Esteem
  • Transitions
  • Stress Reduction
  • Relationships
  • LGBTQ+
  • And more

Benefits of Psychotherapy

Learning from the past and living in the present can lead to inner balance, harmony with those around us, and effective solutions to problems.  Cultivating awareness of your thoughts and behaviors allows you the opportunity to make better choices and be an active participant in your life.

Psychotherapy provides a safe, supportive and confidential way for people to cultivate awareness, effectively make changes in their lives and move past difficult periods.  It can help you discover long lasting, and personalized solutions to your problems and bring about meaningful and positive change.

Reduction of symptoms

More satisfaction out of life

Identifying new ways of coping

Improved communication skills and relationships


Enhanced quality of life

Building self esteem

Learning the how trauma, stress, anxiety and feelings have affected you

Healing from painful experiences

Personal Growth

Exploration of sexual pleasure and intimacy

Living life in the present moment

Groups, Workshops & Events

Concept of couple taking shower together, photo of couple's legs.

Sensual Mindfulness for Couples

by Chamin Ajjan
Peacefulness in us. Delighted peaceful positive African American couple sitting in the cafe and touching hands of each other while expressing peacefulness and love

Communication and Couples

by Mollie Aklepi, LMSW, SIFI
Beautiful monarch butterfly and blue sky with cloud.

The Monarch Group for Black Female Survivors

by Jasmine Rivera-Hackley, LMSW
Close up top view of young people putting their hands together. Friends with stack of hands showing unity.

CBT Skills for
Social Anxiety Group

by Victoria Licandro, LMSW

Anyone Can Benefit from Psychotherapy

Our clients are as diverse as the issues they are looking to resolve.

We work with Professionals, Artists, Performers, Administrative Assistants, Lawyers, Graphic Designers, Influencers, Students, Copy Editors, Doctors, Writers, Chefs, Teachers, Mental Health Professionals, Stay-At-Home Parents and many others. 

They are single, married, in non-traditional relationships, grandparents, parents and child-free. They come from all walks of life, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, and communities.

So, why should your treatment be homogenous? We tailor evidence-based treatments to fit your needs by getting to know the real you. We value your individuality and create a space that is open, inviting and safe for you to be you. That way, your treatment is as unique as you are!


“I have looked forward to my weekly appointments with Chamin, and really value the guidance she gave me on how to manage stress and bad habits.  I really appreciate her advice and think I am happier, healthier and stronger for it!”

“Chamin, words cannot express what you have done for me through this journey.  Even though some sessions were very tough, having your ear and input without any judgments is beyond appreciated and priceless.”


Chamin Ajjan Psychotherapy is proud to be the Brooklyn, NY regional clinic with The National Social Anxiety Center (NSAC). NSAC was established with the intent of making the highest quality, evidence-based psychotherapy services to treat social anxiety available to those in need. We aim to do this through research, collaboration, dissemination to clinicians and educating the public. Visit NSAC here  for more information.

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