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Expert Reviewer for MindBodyGreen 

12 Ways Social Media Affects Relationships, From Research & Experts

What Is Breadcrumbing? 10 Examples & How To Respond To It

What Is Insecure Attachment Style? + How It Manifests In Relationships

How Having Divorced Parents Can Affect Your Attachment Style

What Is Disorganized Attachment? 9 Signs Of The Lesser-Known Attachment Style

The Sleeper Effect: Why Divorce’s Impact On Kids May Only Show Up In Adulthood

Grew Up With Workaholic Parents? It May Have Shaped Your Attachment Style

This Simple Trick Might Just Make Your Affirmations More Powerful


The Dynamics of Love

What Is “Cuffing Season”?

7 Steps to Heal a Broken Heart

How to Ace the First Date

The Dynamics of Love: A Scientific Exploration

Dating Mythbusters: There Is a Better Half Out There for You

Dating MythBusters: You’ll Find Love If You Stop Looking



How To Heal A Broken Heart

What Exactly Is Cuffing Season, and When Does It Start?


The Root

Is Dating Getting Young People in the Door to Therapy? These Experts Say Yes

Reintegrating Into The World Post Covid

Prioritizing Mental Health Post-Covid


Should You See The Same Therapist As Your Friend Or Relative?

7 Things You Should Always Do After Having Sex


Is It Right To Date Someone New When You’re Not Over Your eEx?

What To Do When Your Friends and Family Hate Your Significant Other


How the ‘Once-a-Week Rule’ Can Make a New Relationship Stronger

Sex Therapist Teaches Mindfulness to Trauma Survivors & Black Daters

6 Way To Be More Self-Sufficient and Independent

What It’s Really Like Dating Someone with PTSD

Dating a Selfish Asshole Means You’ll Probably Have Fewer Orgasms, Says Study

Sex Therapist Chamin Ajjan Gets to the Heart of Intimacy Issues for Couples & Singles

Top 5 Dating “Don’ts”
Will Differences Kill Your Relationship?


Podcast Appearances

Flash Forward: DECEPTIBLE ME

Corinne Zupko’s From Anxiety to Love & Chamin Ajjan’s Seeking Soulmate

Out of Love: It’s Cuffing Season! with Chamin Ajjan and VICE’s Alex Zaragoza

The Dr. Brenda Wade Show

Chamin Ajjan, Clinical Social Worker, “Seeking Soulmate”, Real Relationships

The Visit with Dr. Arabia Mollette: Sex, Singleness & Seeking Your Soulmate

Millennial Babes Podcast: Seeking Soulmate Mindfully Valentine’s Day Edition


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