Celebrating Valentine’s Day (Yes, even with the kids around)

Don’t skip date night because little feet are scurrying down the hallway. As a fellow mom of two, I can validate that babies change everything, but change is not necessarily bad; it just means things are different. This is a great time to shift perspectives and expectations to allow the space needed to incorporate new and exciting ways to celebrate. Here are some ideas to help inspire you to make Valentine’s Day (and any date night) fun.

Breakfast in Bed

Morning is where it’s at! A breakfast heavy on aphrodisiacs served in bed can add romance to Valentine’s Day. Can you think of a better way to start the day? Bonus points if sleeping in follows this morning delight.

Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are not just for kids. Hide all the makings of a great Valentine’s Day date around the house, and let him/her use a sexy treasure map to find it all. Start with chocolate-covered strawberries, move on to Champagne, couple’s toys, massage oil, and let it end in the bedroom where the treasure will be found waiting. However, this one may have to wait until the kids are napping or in bed.

Spa Party of Two

Couples’ massages and spa treatments may not be on the agenda this year, but at-home ones can be, plus they can be super sexy. Start by taking a bubble bath together while sipping Champagne and then move on to giving each other full-body massages. Things will get dirty fast, so enjoy that bubble bath.

Sexy Games for Two

Who says game night has to be boring? Not sure how sexy a fully clothed round of Monopoly is, but naked Twister or strip poker can get a lady pregnant. But don’t worry if pregnancy is not in the plans; you can always use preventive measures. 

Netflix & Chill

The popular “Netflix and Chill” never gets old. Cuddle up and watch a movie together. Go for something romantic or sexy, whatever floats that love boat tonight. The most important part of this plan? Both parties need to turn off their phones. Take this moment to connect without distractions.

Stay Up Late

Remember those 3am conversations on the phone talking about everything and nothing? Go back to the good ol’ days and simply put devices away and bond all night long.

Get Straight to the Point

Need more time? As soon as the kids fall asleep, throw on something sexy and a little baby oil, play some sexy music, and do your thang. It won’t take long to achieve maximum romance.


Take off the pressure! Remember, this should be fun and stress-free. It’s important to remember as humans, we are complex and layered. You are more than just parents. There is so much more to your identity and that can be blurred once kids come into the picture.


I can help you achieve a balanced life. Need guidance on making your relationship a priority? Want to rekindle intimacy after having kids? Do you need help improving the essential foundational blocks every relationship needs? To learn more ways to manage these challenges, contact Emily Martinez, LMSW or call us at 917.476.9381. “


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