Fostering Intimacy During COVID-19 

One question: Do you feel close to your partner? 

Considering that a pandemic has stunted our outdoor lives and relegated us to our homes for the past year, it may seem like the only sane answer to this question is a resounding and possibly exasperated, “YES! Maybe a little too close.” 

It’s common to hold misconceptions around closeness and intimacy during this time, considering many couples are home, shuffling around the same square footage day in and day out. However, these stretches of time are often consumed with the strain of new and increased responsibilities at work, caring for our loved ones, and navigating online schooling, on top of the lure of the 24-hour news cycle and the ongoing stress of pandemic uncertainty.

Quality of time differs from quantity of time. Couples who want a deeper, richer connection can benefit from getting curious about one another—regardless of how long their history extends back. This means not only simply getting curious about how your partner spends their day, but also searching for what makes them smile, chuckle, or feel revitalized or pensive. Sometimes life has a way of devouring us whole, which thwarts our ability to just decelerate and intentionally connect with ourselves and our partners.

Times of uncertainty are difficult, but making a concerted effort to stay connected and close could be beneficial for your relationship and how you relate to your own stress.


If you’d like to learn more about the tools available to foster openheartedness, acceptance, and compassion with yourself and with your partner, consider enrolling in “Prioritizing Your Relationship During COVID-19,” a two-part online workshop held on March 20th and 27th. 


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