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Ari Javidi

Hi, I'm Ari

I am a second year Masters in Social Work candidate at Columbia University, where I am concentrating in clinical psychotherapeutic practice. Before arriving at Columbia, I graduated from Amherst College with a degree in anthropology, and went on to work in a variety of social services settings with a diverse array of populations – most recently, helping formerly incarcerated folks acquire foundational work and educational skills. I’m excited to continue my clinical practice at Chamin Aijan Psychotherapy!

A few words about me

As a queer and gender nonconforming person, I know firsthand how relations of power and oppression are often reproduced in the therapeutic space, and the ways in which prevalent therapeutic models can further marginalize those with non-normative experiences and identities. 

Attuned to these potential pitfalls, my practice is informed by feminist, multicultural, and deconstructionist theory and strives to create a therapeutic space of safety, affirmation, and acceptance in which we can heal and grow together.

Why I became a psychotherapist?

I have always loved listening to people’s stories and learning about how humans collectively and individually make sense of the world around them. Every human being has their own lived experiences, history, identities, unique challenges, strengths, and resiliencies, and my practice reflects this reality, being tailored to the unique needs, goals, and experiences of the client(s) with whom I work. My practice prioritizes helping you achieve a better sense of yourself and the attachments and experiences that shaped you, while simultaneously developing a practical toolkit that equips you to navigate all the ups and downs that life has to throw at you. 

Professional Affiliations

Post Graduate Training

Motivational Interviewing Fall 2020

Child Abuse Reporting Education (CARE) 2020

Ari's Expertise

We value training, skill, authenticity and you!

Queer and Feminist Theory
Strengths-Based Approach
Jigsaw Puzzles

Chamin Ajjan Psychotherapy is proud to be the Brooklyn, NY regional clinic with The National Social Anxiety Center (NSAC). NSAC was established with the intent of making the highest quality, evidence-based psychotherapy services to treat social anxiety available to those in need. We aim to do this through research, collaboration, dissemination to clinicians and educating the public. Visit NSAC here  for more information.

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