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photo-8Human beings are social beings.  In fact, it is our use of communication and our creation of social structures that makes us different from other animals. But what happens when the only being you are communicating with is your cat and your only social structures consist of waiting on the queue at Whole Foods or being crammed on the A train with the other commuters during rush hour?  Some of us are ok with being alone and prefer it that way.  Others crave friendship and companionship and feel “less than human” without it.  We all fit somewhere along this spectrum.  If you want it, let’s talk about how to get it.

There are several adventure communities out there to fit your needs. For example, if you are looking for new and exciting ways to connect with like-minded and adventurous women, She Dares is for you! Founder and social butterfly Danielle Fontus says she created this adventure community “because I am the friend in my group who always wants to do something ridiculous that the others usually don’t want to do. After growing frustrated of doing things alone or unsuccessfully trying to convince others, I was on a mission to find other women who were willing to try new and out of the ordinary things. There are other women who have a similar experience, and if we can all do things together, everybody wins.”

As an adult, many people find it difficult to make new connections, try new things and add excitement to our mundane routines.  Institutionalized socializing made this easier for us when we were younger through school activities and easy access to many of our peers.  Now, we may live in a city full of millions of people and still feel isolated, bored, alone and helpless to do anything about it.  Left unattended, these symptoms can lead to depression and increased anxiety.

According to Fontus, “She Dares is for the woman ready to take her social life to the next level. She is frustrated with doing the same old things that everyone else does and is craving something more. She’s willing (even if a bit nervous) to try new things.”

IMG_6984When you engage in an activity or interest with others who share that interest, a natural connection occurs.  This could take some effort, especially if you are used to doing things on your own.  However, the more active and interesting your social life is, the more chances you have to meet new people.  In addition, Fontus believes “that if you step out of your comfort zone with something like flying trapeze or sky diving, you are more likely to make bolder decisions in other areas of your life, and that will translate into a bigger, even better version of yourself. That is my intention for the women who are a part of She Dares.”

When I was looking for some adventure in my life I joined She Dares and affiliates for a day of horseback riding and wine tasting.  It was time well spent with wonderful women.  Whatever your needs are, there is an adventure community for you.  Discover Outdoors is another organization that holds events for single and multi-day travel, men and women, youth, and corporations that range from hiking to whitewater rafting and anything in between. Chocolate Chip and Raisin is for black women seeking adventures that include, but are not limited to, outdoor experiences, pole dancing and participating in the AIDS Walk. offers some good options, as well.  Like I said, there is something out there for everyone.  So what are you waiting for?  Go for it!!!

To learn more about She Dares and upcoming new events and adventures visit the website at  You can also visit Chocolate Chip and Raisin at and Discover Outdoors at

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