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Our workshops and events are designed to be relevant to our community’s needs. We offer you helpful information, gatherings and insights about various topics ranging anywhere from sexual pleasure to creating a morning routine. They are meant to supplement treatment or give you a helpful boost in the areas of your life you are looking to make improvements on. Workshops are NOT a substitute for psychotherapy.


May, 2021

How To Unleash Your Full WAP Energy

by Mollie Aklepi, LMSW

In this upcoming workshop,  we will delve deeper into the intricate ways that slut shaming and double standards have impacted vulva owners mentally, emotionally, and yes, physically. Through undoing the harmful messaging we’ve grown up with, we can liberate women’s pleasure.

Slut shaming and upholding double standards impacts more areas of our lives than we realize. These harmful beliefs are ingrained in us. Together, let’s grow and release the toxic, patriarchal, anti-women’s pleasure rhetoric. Let’s harness our full WAP energy!


May, 2021

A Vision Boarding Workshop

by Ammari Edwards, LMSW

A self-care inspired workshop to help motivate and empower you to successfully reach your life goals while getting connected to your artistic side.

We will explore how vision boarding can help you to identify goals, reflect on your needs, reduce fear, problem solve and identify ambivalence to change, monitor progress and improve mindfulness.


Mar, 2021

Prioritizing Your Relationship During COVID-19

by Victoria Licadro, MSW-I

This interactive, online workshop is open to couples who are looking to cultivate deeper, richer connections during this time of prolonged stress.

Times of uncertainty are difficult, but making a concerted effort to stay connected and close could be beneficial for your relationship and how you relate to your own stress.

Learn more about the tools available to foster open heartedness, acceptance, and compassion with yourself and with your partner.

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