Things We Learn From Our Clients: Therapy Notebook

The therapist-client relationship is a cherished one. Our clients may not be aware that we learn just as much from them as they do from us. When there are two experts in the room—one an expert in the therapeutic process and the other an expert in their own experience—mutual learning is a natural and expected outcome. Here is a useful tip practiced by some of our clients that can maximize impact between and during therapy sessions.


Spiral. Composition. Marble. Do you remember notebooks? Physical notebooks with actual paper, filled with your scrawled handwriting? In an age when our whole worlds seem to exist in the ether, having a tangible item such as a journal handy during and between your therapy sessions may be a grounding, stabilizing force. The benefits of a therapy journal are limitless—it can keep you organized and prepared for your session each week. Use it to note any realizations you may have, keep track of your progress, jot down your assigned homework, and even make notes about what you’d like to talk about the next time you meet with your therapist. Keep your therapy journal on hand during sessions; you can refer back to it if you’re struggling with finding the right words. If your homework for the week involves journaling of any sort, record it in your therapy journal. Dabble in the expressive arts? Perhaps your therapy journal is actually a therapy sketchpad.


Therapy is work, and therefore, it involves a commitment of time and of the self. I encourage you to further invest in your own therapeutic journey by exploring the many possibilities of a therapy notebook. Thanks for the tip!


These tips are not meant to substitute psychotherapy but as a possible complimentary practice to add to your list of tools. Consult your healthcare provider if you have a serious health condition or are taking medications.

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